I remember you.


Greetings imaginary readers.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations for Orientation Week ’14, outings with tons and tons of wonderful people and going to the gym, I have finally found some time to sit down and write (or type, in this case). Consider this part deux of my post on friends here about friends and friendship.

I’ve read that a person can only maintain a limited number of meaningful relationships. There is Dunbar’s number, which caps it at 190. Other studies put that number to be ~290. The reasons for this numbers, in real life, can be attributed to the fact that we only have a limited time and attention span for people around us and to know what’s happening in their lives. Social media would have of course significantly reduced this problem, perhaps increasing the number of meaningful relationships we have with each other.Everyday I see snippets of people’s lives on my social media platforms, and I gain this extra little insight into their lives without actually establishing contact with them. People are now free to communicate with each other in their free time, now that a figment of their daily lives have been put forth for all to see.

God damn that made me sound like a creep.

Anyway, what is the point of this post? Well, after freshmen orientation camps, we get to know a lot of people. In my capacity as a House IC now, I make the effort to try and know everyone. I can’t remember names that well (sorry), but I remember faces.

I remember stories, I remember quirks, I remember likes and dislikes.

I remember you.


The past few weeks have been tiring. I’ve gone to countless OG outings and gotten to know all of you one by one. No longer just faces in a crowd. No longer just numbers on a piece of paper. I’m not just a House IC, I am your friend.

God damn that made me sound even more like a creep.


The thing about friendships and relationships is that I don’t believe in the limits of meaningful relationships. If effort is made to maintain them, every relationship can be meaningful. I go out of the way to meet people; to talk over Whatsapp. Some way or another, I will try to connect with people. As much as I am independent and can be quite a loner when I am studying, I enjoy the company of friends. I enjoy doing things for friends, making them laugh, seeing them happy.


It’s what I do.