I go where I am needed the most.


I have been delaying this post for the longest time.

Summer, summer, summer. It has been an eventful, tiring, delightful but extremely fulfilling summer.


Arts Camp.

Could not have asked for a better R10. What you guys accomplished during camp was special. You never forgot our motto despite everything and anything- I thank you for trusting in my strategies, in my pairings, and my leadership. I don’t think I need to say anything more as the spark that we have, transcends words.

My partner-in-crime Bryan. Lai liao. To be paired with a like-minded individual such as yourself, spending every waking moment thinking of the welfare of individual freshies, to how to win the games, to just really enjoying ourselves, I would not have chosen anyone else to lead the house for Arts Camp (sorry Huanz). I often look back at the picture at West Coast, where we are both pretending to be in the linking arms catching game thingy, and I would look at the genuine laughter we were sharing. Good times. Good job.

Seniors. All of you. Thank you for showing the freshies what family is. Thank you for coming back to R House year after year, camp after camp, day after day. I see my own freshies, my batch mates, my seniors, and it feels me with such pride and admiration for the work that you do. I hope you guys had fun. Yessar.

Freshies. You crazy fucks. You crazy crazy bunch. When I started Arts Camp,I had the mentality of retiring- letting Bryan do most of the work. But even before the camp started, when I saw your enthusiastic faces- be it under the names of Larry, Laridwan or Larissa, I thought to myself,”No.” I have not retired. I still had one last camp to lead. One last run to the finish, with all my people with me. You guys are the best. Truly.

Ocomm. Clement, I was so relieved to know that you were PD. You are a true leader in your own right. The way you led your Ocomm, the way you treated them, and the way they performed during the camp was commendable. You made it a camp not just for freshies, but also for the Ocomm. What they lacked for in camp experience, they more than made up for it in spirit and enthusiasm. I am honoured to have experienced this wonderful camp you and your Ocomm have executed for us. A job well done.

It has been my honour to serve the house, to serve R10, to serve the freshies. Remember- winning is secondary, family is everything.


My other family. From the countless nights at the rag site, to intense discussions with each other, I’ve seen each and every one of you grow and I am extremely proud to have walked, carried, hammered along this journey with you.

Michelle- I know you have not heard this from me before, but you were one of the reasons I decided to help rag. I’ve noticed you since you were a freshie, and part of me was convinced to help you when I heard you were PD. You might not be the most eloquent,the most meticulous or the most clear-headed PD, but to me you are the one with the most heart. To me, that is what’s most important. I am proud to have worked under you, and please, keep this heart going.

Huixian- fuck you. The most meticulous DPD in the world. I hope you miss me swearing at you at the rag site for no damned reason. Thank you for keeping everyone together, keeping tabs on everyone, and worrying for all of us. Please go buy a new phone.

Clarissa- Hello awkward choreographer. To be honest I always cannot hear what you are saying and I just nod. Because I don’t need to hear what you are saying to know what you are going to say. Your heart for the freshies is something I admire and completely understand for it has always been my motto. I hope I have helped at dance- what I lack in expertise and technicality I try to make up for by shouting.

Suqi, Liyun, Sandra- all the tanks in the comm. The designer, the seamstress and the buyer. You girls are the unsung heroes of rag. The float, the costumes and rag itself would not have been as beautiful as it is without you guys. Thank you thank you thank you.

Builders. Another group of unsung heroes. I am so thankful that you guys stayed on with us all the way. The pride from being a builder is not standing on stage, it is when people spoil something on stage and you think,”I could fix that.” Being a builder is spending your time at the rag site and doing stupid things like playing with paint, cutting endless strips of cardboard and getting burnt by hot glue. I thank you for your dedication, and I hope you have made a few friends that will last for life here.

Dancers. You guys rock. From the lost faces that greeted me in the first few training sessions to the confident, fierce and passionate dancers on stage, you guys are nothing short of extraordinary. It moves me- the determination to do full runs back to back despite your exhaustion, the tenacity to come for trainings despite your leprosy, and the superhuman endurance to continue practicing despite all your knee problems. You make the faculty proud. You make Rag proud. You make me proud.


I’m bummed I didn’t join the house for many of the activities, even when I was at central forum with you guys, I was always so tired I would be sleeping even before you started your suppers and HTHTs. 

Like what someone said- I had my own special version of OWeek. 

Truth be told, I was so tired after Rag that half of me did not want to go for the finale. Then I saw your faces- and the other half slapped this half that was wavering.

To R House and R1, you are the best. I am so thankful for those who came back from Arts Camp to help out, your OGLs and seniors really needed your energy, and being freshies really helps to bond the newcomers better. Freshies, thank you for your enthusiasm- although I don’t get to see you often, I trust that your seniors and your compatriots have shown you what R House is about.

Bryan and Andrea- you guys are like Batman and Robin. I didn’t have to come back as often because I was so reassured by your leadership- you guys didn’t need me. Both of you are leaders in your own right, and again, I am proud of you and what you have accomplished.

Naufal- Big big shoes to fill. But what better person could we have chosen to fill it. We, R House, will be with you every step of the way. Yessar.

That concludes my summer.

Every now and then someone comes up to me and asks,  “You’ve been doing this for so many years, not tiring/boring/sian ah?” How can it be sian, when every summer project comes with different programmes? When every single freshie that comes for each orientation project brings with him or her a unique personality, unique experiences and unique views? It is an immense joy and honour to welcome these bright, fresh minds into the faculty, and to be their friend. They never cease to amaze me and spur me on to work hard and to my best to serve them.

No, it will never be tiring, it will never be sian, it will never be boring when I have the bestest bunch.

Thank you for taking the time to read everything. Thank you for everything.

-From the biggest badass to the bestest bunch.


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