Oh yes wait a minute Mr Pres-man


Morning readers,

It’s been a while, for those who visit periodically. At the same time, I welcome first-time readers to my little space/sanctuary/corner of the internet. If you need an introduction; a little directory to what this is (and how to pronounce the site name), click here.

Back to the topic at hand. First, the reason for my absence- a little update, actually. Note that this site is only updated when I feel like it, it is by no ways a diary which is regularly updated.

So eagled-eyed readers would know that I’ve taken up a new role; a new job; a new journey. Same old passion, but in a new capacity.

Nothing new. People dependent on me? Check. Demanding schedule? Check. Continuous thinking, planning and execution? Checkity check. I feel in my element- people say it is an arduous journey, a lot of responsibility, a truckload of expectations. But I’m used to it, and I thrive.

I’m not boasting- I don’t like to exaggerate. Partly because I’m not the only one here. My beloved group of people are fighting together with me. My 36th management committee, their subcommittees, the various Project Directors and their own subcommittees.

Now, we are in the process of planning. A lengthy, drawn-out process. And sometimes, this irks me. When I took up the job, I simply want to go out and carry things out. How childish, earlier-me. I expected better. Sorry man.

Now, I understand. I’ve always taken great care in choosing the right people, in planning the right plans, and detailing the smallest details. What you guys see as a boring, long wait, is actually an investment. It is an investment of trust from you, an investment of dedication, time, effort and heart from my #united36th, to give you the best projects, the best welfare, and the best time and experience you can ever get; an experience you deserve.

I am excited for the line-up that we have. I think me and my team will bring to FASS a certain kind of quirkiness, a dash of gunpowder, and maybe, just a truckload of overall badassery.

First up, check out our noticeboard outside LT9 (outside the Deck) this coming week.


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